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Are you going crazy? Here are 20 ways to simplify your life this year

Learning how to simplify your life when you need to can reap some serious benefits in all departments. I had a conversation with my mom a few weeks ago about how I miss the type of life I never had. Things like getting together with fellow women to scrub laundry and chatting about everything under the sun. I don't really miss scrubbing laundry by hand...In reality what I miss and crave in life is simplicity, connection. Do you feel the same?We live in a time now where we often have every hour planned out to the minute and if we happen to have time to "spare," we fill it with social media, Netflix or some other sort of digital addiction. If you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed or stressed, due to all the moving parts in your life, you'll ... read more

How to do Christmas on a Budget (and still feel the magic)

First of all, good on you for looking to do Christmas on a budget (whether you chose to or were forced, I don't care).  Many people think Christmas budgeting is for the birds... crazy quacks. You though, my friend, are very wise, so let's talk about how to do Christmas on a budget... and still feel the magic.Related resources that will help you keep Christmas special while sticking to a budget:Life-Saving Christmas Budgeting HacksBudgeting Binder- (Great for those new to, or struggling with budgeting).The 7 Bank Accounts Every Family Should Have  Why You're a total boss for doing christmas on a budget I just want to throw this in for those of you who may feel a little embarrassed or ashamed that you need to do ... read more

Printable Budget Binder Workbook

Let's bless your little budgeting heart AND help your personal finances out today with this printable budgeting binder.  Your budgeting skills and finances neeeed one of these puppies.  Over 190 pages of awesome. Let's take a look at this beautiful thing.  OK folks. It's long past time we cracked down on our personal finance habits.  They need organization.  They need a system.  They need goals.  They need to be so much more than a ball and chain !Enter: The Budget Binder.GET your FREE PRINTABLE BUDGET BINDER PDF (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) save money with a budgeting binder Let me let you in on a little secret.  I didn't number any days in this budget binder, therefore this binder is ... read more

The Seven Bank Accounts Every Family Needs

Let's lower your financial stress about ten notches by helping you know what bank accounts for saving and spending.   In fact, I've become quite the bank account hoarder because the benefits have been so fantastic! Let's just clear something up real quick since you're here.  Having more money isn't going to make you any happier.  In fact, it won't even lower your stress one bit.  BUT!  If you are doing smart things with the money you DO have (even if it's just five bucks) then that's a totally different story. how many bank accounts can you have If you bank at a regular bank, they often limit the amount of (free) checking and savings accounts to one or two.  But if you bank at a credit union, you can often ... read more

How to Get Out of Debt | The Most Successful Method

I LOVE that you are thinking about how to get out of debt.  It means you have finally come to your senses, (or were forced to them... I'll take both). YAY!! Let's talk about the most successful way to get out of debt and a few tricks to speed things up. Consumer debt and Cheese puffs Some people acquire debt at no fault of their own and my heart is broken for them because debt is so, so heavy.  Maybe it was medical bills, the death of a loved one, problems or bad habits from a spouse, some sort of tragedy or disaster... whatever it is, adding debt on top of those challenges is heartbreaking.But there is another type of debt that is definitely due to our own fault and perhaps our own stupidity (that word is ... read more

How to Organize Bills Using a Spreadsheet

There are two things I can't stand right now. First, stinky kitchen rags, seriously ew. And second, paper clutter. Oh my heck it drives me INSANE! So to avoid paper at all costs, I organize my bills using a spreadsheet and it's the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. If you ever want to get anywhere with your finances, then you need to organize your bills.  In general, I am NOT an organized person.  I have three junk drawers and don't even think about opening the toy closet without wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots. But, when it comes to bills, I have become meticulously organized.  It's monstrous.I HATE paying late fees. And you should too!  Why pay more when you can just organize your bills ... read more

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Looking for some awesome budget printables? Start here with the ultimate family finance workbook and learn budgeting basics for getting out of debt, goal setting and managing your monthly bills. #getoutofdebt #budgetprintables #budgetworkbook